Ideas Towards Gamers

It is surprising how many people are interested in table top gaming once they have been exposed to it. Due to previous ideas related with gaming, many people believe that gaming is not for them for many reasons. This can be anywhere from “Dungeons and Dragons is for nerds” or that it has to steep of a learning curve for someone to join. Statements like this are both true and false.

The idea that dungeons and dragons is for nerds or geeks is a common idea, in middle and high schools and is mostly a said as a bullying tactic. However, some very famous people play table top games such as Wil Wheaton and Vin Diesel. So in retrospect it comes down to your definition of a nerd/geek.

Some tabletop games do have a rather steep learning curve, but this depends on the system/ game type. However, it is rather difficult to find a gaming group that is not more than ready help new people learn a system and bring them into a game. There are also one-shot campaigns that are held at conventions or large gatherings. A one shot is when an experienced story teller will have pre made characters for new people to use (this negates the 2-3 hour process of creating a character for a new party) and allows them to experience a very condensed version of a table top system.


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