What is gaming?

This is not a philosophical question, but it is defiantly interesting to hear how many different answers there are to this question. One of the first thing someone will think about when this question is asked is, what experiences with games they have had. From board games, to card games, word association, video games, sports or other forms of competition, to table-top role playing games, and many more. Gaming has always been a part of our society, however certain archetypes of gaming have drawn negative connotations in recent history.

Video games are at the for front of headlines in the most negative of ways. Video games have been called an addiction and have been blamed for violent actions of the mentally unwell. However, they are not the first form of gaming to be viewed in this light. Table top role playing games (RPGs) have been and still are seen by some as gateways to satanism and devil worship, due to the culture of the time when heavy metal and drug use were linked to satanism and table top worship was a pass time of those who par took in that music kind of music and substance abuse. This was in part due to fanatical church goers who chose not to try and understand their children but rather condemn them in public as devil worshipers.

The point of this blog is mostly to help those who do not understand gaming culture and for those who are already a part of it to have an area for discussions on these subjects. The subjects will not be this dark in the future, but it is a good attention grabber.


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