D&D Chronicles: The (left) Eye of Varrien

Ellen Gregory

D&D CHRONICLESToday Calwyn, rat-fearing magic-user and master strategist, is my guest-blogger extraordinaire. Calwyn is the only living character of our original D&D party (not counting the first group of dunces who got themselves killed all together in our second session), and as such holds all the memories of past adventures and accumulated clues about the Eye of Varrien.

Fitting, then, that it was Calwyn who found the Eye briefly in his possession down in that dusty, murky tomb the other night. As half his companions lay dead around him, it was Calwyn who grasped the Eye and became privy to its secrets.

And so Calwyn continues the tale begun in the last post (In the depths of the barrow is a wurm and an eye), filling in the parts when Zillah was dead and telling in his own words of how the Eye of Varrien wrought his own…

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